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Aquapool is a company based in Marbella Spain that sells products such as hot tubs services such as massages in spas, and they also offer in-house services. The company has a team of experts that repair the products. The company has four collections.

About the company

Each spa here provides unique services that give its customers with outstanding spa experience year in year out. Hot tubs offer innovative jets with good experience in filtration and water care with a pocket-friendly fee. This one has excellent styling with good performance. Each model gives a soothing massage, exceptional lighting, and exclusive features and excellent quality product, which makes the user satisfied.
It is of great value; Hot Spot spas are made to provide clients with a relaxing treat at a friendly price one can afford. Hot Spot spa prioritizes quality craftsmanship, energy-saving, simple water care, and peace of mind of its customers.
The hot tub allows a user to regulate temperature, and it is easy to clean, which enables the user to enjoy a healthy environment. The hot tubs are made of quality materials, which makes them durable.

Their Stand

Products from Aquapool are energy-saving and have been tested by the leading laboratories in the world. The company can refund money to any customer that changes their mind. It offers a twenty-year warranty whereby they can replace any faulty part of their products.
The company sends a team that installs the hot tub and visits every four months for a checkup.