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Atlas Group

Atlas Group is a leading construction group in Costa del Sol, and it primarily operates in Marbella. It has developed a reputation in the community as a knowledgeable and highly dedicated building company. The company takes part in constructing new buildings, renovating old ones, and even constructing green buildings. They undertake commercial, as well as domestic projects.

About the company

Atlas Group stands out from other construction companies in that they involve professionals from different fields in their construction work. They will be able to personalise the interior of your house to fit your requirements and will maximise the value of the property.
The company has a division known as Atlasgarden. This part of the company is involved in the designing of gardens, landscapes, and outdoor spaces. When hiring this company for your garden makeover, you should have a rough idea of the image you want to portray. From there, the team will work on your outdoor space to create the perfect look. The landscapers are imaginative and highly knowledgeable, and this puts them in the best position to work on your garden.

Their Stand

Stand Atlas Group
Another section of the company deals with swimming pools, and it is referred to as the Atlaspool. This division designs, builds, and renovates swimming pools. The team is able to work with materials in a clever way to come up with impressive designs. Since they are highly trained and certified, they will be able to ensure pool safety in their construction. They also employ modern water treatment technology, and this does not involve the use of chlorine.
Atlas Group is a construction company that is split into three division. One of them deals with the construction of buildings, the second builds and repairs swimming pools, and the third one is involved in landscaping