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Balms Abogados

Balms Abogados was founded about 30 years ago and has grown to become a leading provider of legal services. The founding partners of the company are Juan Luis Balmaseda de Ahumada y Diez and Julio Aguado Arrabe.

About the company

The company currently has a national and international presence. They started by opening their headquarters in Marbella, then they established offices in Madrid and Vigo. This way, they were able to incorporate their office in Barcelona, therefore growing their presence in the country. To develop a presence internationally, they started the Balms Group International (BGI) in 1996. The BGI is an international network of medium-sized law companies and is available in 20 countries and has over 30 offices around the world.
The firm offers a wide range of legal services, and these include judicial services, tax and accounting, and foreign agency procedures. As a business owner, you will be able to work more efficiently if you focus your efforts on the business itself, and this is why you may find the services of this company useful. They will evaluate your labour force, tax records, and accounting. If you have operations outside the country, you will also find the law firm useful. Since they have an international presence, they will be able to manage your documents and legal issues to ensure that your affairs run smoothly overseas.

Their Stand

Stand Balms Abogados
The firm also offers legal services for various areas of the law. If you have a legal problem, they will be able to find the simplest and most cost-effective solution.
Balms Foundation for Children, a non-profit organisation, is affiliated with this law firm. The goal of the non-profit organisation is to participate in activities that promote children’s rights. They aim at providing all children with environments where they can enjoy affection, care, and security.