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Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell is a bank founded in 1881 by a group of traders and businesspersons from Sabadell town of Spain with the sole aim of providing financial solutions to small and medium enterprises and the local industries. Over a century later, Banco Sabadell is among the five biggest banks in Spain. It provides banking and financial services and products in Spain and in other locations across the world where they have branches.

About the company

Banco Sabadell is made up of different banks, subsidiaries, brands and part-owned businesses. Since 2007, however, the bank has substantially increased in size and has acquired several other banks spread across Europe. Banco Sabadell London, for instance, mainly focuses on managing bilateral trade agreements between various investors in UK and Spain.
Through the London office, Banco Sabadell also provides numerous banking services and products designed to meet the needs of their customers. Each of the services provided here is tailored to meet the financial needs of London residents and international markets.

Their Stand

Stand Banco Sabadell
It also offers investors an opportunity to enter the UK market on the shoulders of the popular Spanish financial institutions. This is because it allows its clients to benefit from its extensive understanding of the UK economic status. Moreover, it provides all the services that a business needs to thrive. Similarly, the bank works closely with investors who wish to enter the Spanish markets. It makes it possible for them to take advantage of its numerous branch networks and its comprehensive understanding of the Spanish financial market.
Being one of Spain’s leading banker, Banco Sabadell employs more than 10,000 employees and serves more than 11 million customers. Since the firm is present in Western Europe and in other financial markets, it is the best bet for you if you are looking to expand your business into the region. Once you decide to work with them, they will design custom packages to serve your specific needs.