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EXPO Costa del Sol is a permanent real estate exhibition open 7 days a week with the best new developments, in one of the most attractive destinations in Spain.


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Are you looking to rent or even buy a home or apartment in Spain? Maybe you already own property in spain and our looking to rent or sell it.
Since, 2004 Fotocasa has been Spain’s premier onoine real estate portal. It\s a division of Shibsted Spain, which is the country’s leading classifieds and job search company.

About the company

Fotocasa is essentially a household name in Spain, and for the Spanish it is synonymous with online real estate database in much the same way Xerox is synonymous with photocopier. Simply put, it’s an industry leader and the place people all over Spain go to when they are buying, selling, subletting, renting, or looking to rent their existing properties, brand new home, vacation homes and more.
Just how popular is Fotocasa? The numbers speak for themselves: there are more than 20 million monthly visitors, of which approximately 5.9 million are unique visitors. About 62 percent of the total visitors use the smartphone app version of Fotocasa. If we break down the numbers another way, this amounts to an average of 493,000 unique visits on a daily basis or around 520 million page views per month.

Their Stand

The quantity and quality of the information has helped to make Fotocasa a leader in Spanish web-based real estate.
In addition to the price, dimensions, furnishings, contact information. and other basic information related to the house,condo or apartment, each listing has a sidebar and map where you can visualize the amenities near the property: this includes the nearby schools, hospitals, parks, shopping as well as the metro, train, and tram lines.