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EXPO Costa del Sol is a permanent real estate exhibition open 7 days a week with the best new developments, in one of the most attractive destinations in Spain.


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Habitat Inmobiliaria

leading real estate developer that combines 65 years of experience and the excitement of a professional team that offers quality architectural homes and entertainment.

About the company

Thanks to Bain Capital Credit, Habitat Inmobiliaria has the solid financial support that allows you to create high quality and expensive apartments with a professional team of experts and the latest and most innovative technologies and processes.
Headquartered in Madrid, Habitat Inmobiliaria has offices in Barcelona, ​​Seville, Malaga, Valencia and Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. With more than 10,000 apartments and more than 4,000 apartments, the company has one of the largest high-quality land banks in the market construction process in Madrid.

Their Stand

Stand Habitat
Innovation, design and environmental friendliness can be observed in all areas of the company and different phases of advertising development. They turn into a high-quality and energy-efficient home that is comfortable and attractive to users.
Integrity, honesty and transparency characterize the relationships with customers, employees and investors that make Habitat Inmobiliaria a leader.
The mission of Habitat Inmobiliaria is to develop real estate projects that meet an important social need, such as housing and enable us to create value for our investors, customers, and employees through sustainable quality. They do this based on the demands and needs of their customers.
Habitat Inmobiliaria’s goal is to become a leading developer in Spain, with the desire to work across the country and the modest goal of succeeding based on a professional model, rational principles, values ​​and systematization. It also aims at improving processes and products.

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