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PAYREPAR refers to a PAYRESA GROUP company initiated in 1976. The parquet company is located in Malaga. They are engaged in the sale, delivery and set up of everything linked to interior design. They offer different product categories.

About the company

They are intended for the retail, wholesale, implementation and installation of individual and new projects related to wall coverings and floor. For example, they specialize in the sale and laying of floors, carpets, laminate floors, terraces and parquetry in Malaga. The quality and safety of the floors they offer have a high standard. If you are looking for the best product, you can rely on this professional group.

Their Stand

Stand Payresa
They also offer plasterboard walls that are characterized by versatility, functionality, and comfort. Currently, it is introduced in addition to its distribution function with thermal insulation, acoustic, and fire resistance.
To complete the interior, they also have suspended ceilings made of wood, aluminium, mineral fibre and wood shavings. They help their clients choose the most suitable wall covering that offers visibility. Sometimes the artistic functionality of the partitions is neglected.
PAYREPAR also creates, designs and develops endless possibilities in custom cabinets to make the most of the available space. Various textures, designs, sizes, colours, with swing doors.
To achieve the best results with the floors, you can visit their website and view the offered doors in different designs and colours.